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A collection of selected works from my Graduate work in the Center for Information and Communication Sciences, and Undergraduate work in the Urban Planning Department at Ball State University.  


Graduate Work: 2001-2002

Undergraduate Work:  2000- 2001  |  1999-2000  |  1998-1999  |  1997-1998  | 1996-1997

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            Technology Papers and Projects

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            Delaware-Muncie Metro Plan Commission

During the summer of 2000, I worked for Delaware County Indiana, mainly for the Delaware-Muncie Metropolitan Plan Commission.  My main responsibilities were as web development technician for the Plan Commission site as well as the entire County-Wide Information Network Site.  I currently work for the county updating the websites as needed.


            Online Website Development

For links to web development projects and information, please visit my Professional Graduate Portfolio.  


            Comprehensive Planning Studio

Fourth Year Second Semester: 1999-2000

The Comprehensive Planning Studio deals with the development of a comprehensive plan on a small town scale.  The semester long project dealt with Syracuse, IN.  Our team looked at transportation, land use, social, economic and many other issues in developing the comprehensive plan.  


             Garfield Development Corporation

During the summer of 1999, I worked as a researcher for the Garfield Development Corporation, Garfield Parks Neighborhood Association, and Burton Heights Business Association.  Information was gathered on many topics related to neighborhood development and planning.  This information was put together and presented in a report.

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            Neighborhood Development Studio

Third Year Second Semester: 1998-1999

The Neighborhood Development Studio deals with socioeconomic issues at the neighborhood scale.  Community ideas and citizen input is very important in this type of planning.  The semester long project dealt with the East Central Neighborhood in Muncie, IN.  Several aspects including demographic, housing, housing conditions, and citizen input were dealt with.


            Local Economic Development Studio

Third Year First Semester: 1998-1999

The Economic Development Studio dealt with a city and county wide study of economic issues.  Carroll County located in northern Indiana was the site of the study, and the city of Delphi in particular.  Capacity building strategies and other ideas were used to formulate an economic profile and then recommend some alternatives for economic growth.


            Project Analysis and Design Studio

Second Year Second Semester: 1997-1998

The Project Analysis and Design Studio dealt with urban design issues on two different scales.  First a large parcel of land was to be developed into a housing subdivision, including a school.  Second, a downtown revitalization project was tackled.  The city of Markle, IN was the site of the study.



            Community Analysis and Design Studio

Second Year First Semester: 1997-1998

The Community Analysis and Design Studio deal with issues on a larger scale.  Location of planned unit developments, based on environmental suitability and vulnerability studies were completed.  The use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) was crucial for the accuracy of the location of a development.


            First Year CAP 

First Year First - Second Semesters: 1996-1997

The first year common program at the College of Architecture and Planning is designed to prepare students for any of the three disciplines offered.  Critical and analytical thinking skills are enforced.  Environmental design, architectural design, urban planning and landscape architecture are all incorporated into the common first year.


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